Everyone is welcome at Hebe College.  After the hugely popular in-class events and requests from those who live too far away to attend, Carole Sawo is delighted to now open the doors to Hebe College, and invite a global audience to join in online.  Carole does not sell traditional online courses, she has created a completely new interactive college, where students choose what, when and how they want to study.  With an expanding curriculum of fascinating topics that are unique only to Hebe College, registering online students are provided with complete administration & access support.  In addition, all online programmes come with private audio/or video tutorials, lesson accompaniments, worksheet downloads, access to private Q&A & Information forums, and the bonus opportunity to ‘Ask Carole’. 

A Peaceful Mind 

Level 1: Calming & Clearing
Whilst lots of people know what it takes to have a healthy body, very few people really understand what it takes to have a healthy mind, or comprehend that we can have that much control over an invisible part of us. That’s because, up until now, the inside of the mind has not been completely understood by any one person.  Different disciplines teach different practices, but these are not explanations of the mind, just observations of it. Others provide quotes and references to idealised states, that leave most people floundering as to how to achieve them, and feeling guilty or useless when they can’t.  But now that is all about to change.   Read More >

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