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Psychological Food Habits of Thin People

When we know that too much sugar is not good for us, that processed foods contain unknown preservatives and chemicals, watching our diet is not a question of our conscious intelligence.  So what is it a question of?

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Panic Attacks & The Way To Manage Them

'Panic Attacks & how to manage them', is a video tutorial like no other - anywhere!  Packed with highly relevant, useful information and strategies, discover the anatomy of panic and learn how to restore a calm mind.

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Anxiety & The Way To Beat It

In this single ground-breaking video tutorial, discover that there are only three reasons why anyone has anxiety & what they are? Learn how to rethink the whole process and most importantly, the way to beat it!

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How to Get Over Your Ex

In this eight audio & transcript series, learn about the biology of love, how to free yourself from the past and discover all the unconscious and energetic forces that keep you bound to your ex.

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