Forensic Psychology for Beginners

This fascinating and entirely unique course is for all you budding ‘couch’ forensic psychologists. There simply are no other guided opportunities to study the intriguing world of Forensic Psychology with a qualified analyst other than this.

Selecting the most exciting areas of Criminology, Psychiatry, Forensic Science, Psychology and Psychoanalysis, you will be captivated throughout the course as you explore criminal case studies and themes such as;

Week 1:     Introduction & Definitions: Forensic Psychology, Criminology & Psychoanalysis
Week 2:    Theories of Criminal Mind Development
Week 3:    Mother Love:  Freud’s Theories & Killer Instincts in the Unconscious
Week 4:    10 Sign for Spotting Sociopaths, Psychopaths & Borderline Personality Disorder
Week 5:    Offender Profiling on Serial Killers: Case Studies, Manson & Bundy
Week 6:    Crime Scene Investigation & Blood Spatter Analysis
Week 7:    Forensic Psychology Errors: Case Study of a Serial Rapist
Week 8:    Deadlier Than The Male:  Why Women Kill
Week 9:    Court Room Psychology, Lie Detectors and Eye Witness Testimony
Week 10:   Contemporary Analysis of Jack the Ripper

Duration:  ten two-hour weekly lectures

Price:   £117

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