Forensic Psychology 2

You do not need to have completed the Forensic Psychology for Beginners Course to register on Forensic Psychology 2.  
Continue on (or begin) your mesmerising exploration into Forensic Psychology with numerous case studies and investigations into themes including;

Week 1:    The Face of Innocence: Psychology of Child Abductors
Week 2:    Wicked Attraction:  When Couples Kill
Week 3:    Confidence Tricksters, Charmers & Identifying Factors
Week 4:    Non Verbal Communication:  How to Spot a Liar
Week 5:    Paradise Lost:  Why Children Kill
Week 6:    Surveillance, Media Influence & Forensic Science
Week 7:    Daddy’s Home:  Multiple & Split Identities
Week 8:    The Land of Religious Cults
Week 9:    Obedience, Conformity & The Psychology of Evil
Week 10:   Sleeping With The Enemy: Attachment & Spousal Murder

Duration:  ten two-hour weekly lectures
Price:   £117

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