Forensic Psychology 2 – 10 Wk Course

You do not need to have completed the Forensic Psychology for Beginners Course to register on Forensic Psychology 2. Continue on (or begin) your mesmerising exploration into Forensic Psychology with numerous case studies and investigations into themes including;   The Face of Innocence: Psychology of Child Abductors, Wicked Attraction:  When Couples Kill,   Confidence Tricksters, Charmers & Identifying Factors, Non Verbal Communication:  How to Spot a Liar, Paradise Lost:  Why Children Kill, Surveillance, Media Influence & Forensic Science, Daddy’s Home: Multiple & Split Identities, The Land of Religious Cults, Obedience, Conformity & The Psychology of Evil, Sleeping With The Enemy: Attachment & Spousal Murder.

Dates:                Tuesday 5th March to 21st May 2019
Time:                 7pm-9pm  (half term over Easter Holidays)

Price:                 £117
Venue:               Wivenhoe Park, Colchester **
Booking:           Online in advance only

All Enquiries: 07758 766204 

**All those registering will receive additional directions & details one week prior to commencement

Terms & Disclaimers Apply.

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location Wivenhoe Park
07758 766204