A Peaceful Mind (Level 1) Calming & Clearing

What’s makes for a peaceful mind?  Money, health, beauty – someone else?  The truth is, some people already have these things, but their mind is still unrested.  Others can feel unsettled, confused, tearful, overwhelmed and exhausted by life.  Whatever the case may be, there is a way to have a peaceful mind.  It requires an understanding of how the brain and mind work, a clearing out of all the debris, together with a new perspective, organising and practical management strategies that really work.  Absolutely unique in both its conception and presentation, A Peaceful Mind has been thoughtfully created to bring together a spectrum of information from neuroscience, psychology,  psychoanalysis, self-progression, and philosophy.

By taking this series you will learn;

✓    What causes a loss of internal harmony and a drop in energy
✓    Brain  & mind anatomy, and how they really work

✓    Strategies to apply right away, to get organised and calm the internal noise
✓   How to develop boundaries and why they are essential for a healthy mind
✓   Techniques for managing difficult situations and toxic people
✓   When, where and how to clear out the debris that’s been clogging the mind
✓   How to rebalance your system and restore clarity
✓   Memory functioning, Attachment, and relationship dynamics
✓   How to alchemise negative thoughts into automatic positive thinking
✓   Future techniques for maintaining a lovely peaceful mind

What’s included:

A Peaceful Mind has been organised into three levels.  Level 1: Calming and Clearing is a very practical level designed for everyone as a beginners guide to the mind.  The additional beauty of this introductory level, is that no matter where you are, that is exactly where to start to develop a happy peaceful mind.

•  Eight audio lessons, packed with information to fully explain the human brain & mind
•  Accompanying lesson diagrams & worksheets to keep you on track with comprehension and development
FREE downloads to get you organised today, keep you focused, structure your learning, and monitor & reflect on your own progress
Numerous useful, simple, practical strategies to apply right away
The flexibility of accessing the lessons anywhere via your multi-media, laptop, tablet, computer, audio or mobile devices
•  24/7  Listen Again, pause and return facility
•  Access to private lesson and Q&A Forums
•  The BONUS opportunity to ‘Ask Carole’

How it works:

Hebe College Online Study is a fully interactive online classroom.  Starting today, you will receive eight lessons with over 6 hours of audio tutorials.  Whilst you will receive access to all eight lessons right away, this series is designed for you to listen where-ever you are, view the lesson accompaniments, process the information, complete the worksheets and develop, monitor and reflect on your own progress at your own pace. Sometimes we need to see & hear information a few times.  Over the next year, you can return to the course and access any of the lessons & listen again as many times as you would like. 

If you want A Peaceful Mind, begin now.

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