A Peaceful Mind (Level 1) Calming & Clearing

What’s makes for a peaceful mind?  Money?  Health?  Beauty?  Someone else?  Whilst these things may be on many people’s wish list, the truth is, some people do already have these things, and they are still unhappy.  Something in their mind is unrested and something in their heart feels unfulfilled.  Then there are people who do not have these things, who also feel unsettled, confused, overwhelmed and generally exhausted by all that life brings.  Whatever the case may be, what everyone has in common is that we all want a lovely peaceful mind.

Whilst lots of people know what it takes to have a healthy body, very few people really understand what it takes to have a healthy mind, or comprehend that we can have that much control over an invisible part of us. That’s because, up until now, the inside of the mind has not been completely understood by any one person.  Different disciplines teach different practices, but these are not explanations of the mind, just observations of it. Others provide quotes and references to idealised states, that leave most people floundering as to how to achieve them, and feeling guilty or useless when they can’t.  But now that is all about to change. 

If you resonate with any of these experiences then you are going to love this new, completely revolutionary, fully interactive online course packed with information about the brain and the mind together with strategies for how to understand and manage it.  Absolutely unique in both its concept and presentation, A Peaceful Mind has been thoughtfully created to bring peace into the mind from the moment of registration.  Covering and explaining in simple terms, information and knowledge from neuroscience,  brain  & neural anatomy, psychology, memory functioning, psychoanalysis, self progression, boundary management, and spirituality, everyone taking part in this course will learn exactly how the mind works, what causes a loss of internal harmony and a drop in energy, and what strategies to apply right away; to calm the noise, to get organised, gain clarity, restore energy and rebalance within their own peaceful mind.

Previously only available in live events, Carole Sawo evolves the lessons taught in her successful book De-Cluttering the Mind, in which she analogises the interior of the mind with a house; explaining the symbolism of each room and raising consciousness as we climb the stairs. Now translated into this fully accessible online course, with downloadable media, new ideas, practical strategies and the bonus opportunity to ‘ask Carole’, A Peaceful Mind provides the global student with a very rare opportunity to learn all about the inside of the mind from the foundation up.

About this Course:

A Peaceful Mind is a fully comprehensive course organised into three levels, with Level 1: Calming and Clearing – now available to register.  Attending to information that is physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual in nature, the course requires that you do not do more, but do less.   

Level 1: Calming and Clearing is a very practical level designed for everyone as a beginners guide to the mind, that provides information, explanations and immediate strategies for calming down, getting organised and clearing away the debris that has been clogging up the mind.  In addition, you will learn about brain anatomy, memory, attachments and the dynamics in relationships; how to manage high energy other people, build healthy boundaries, filter information that enters the mind, restore energy, quieten the internal chatter, and alchemise every thought that you have.  Whilst you will receive access to all eight lessons right away, the course is designed for you to listen with lesson accompaniments, process the information at your own speed, develop, monitor and reflect on your own progress, all in the way that is right for you, over the next few months.  The additional beauty of this introductory level, is that no matter where you are, that is exactly where to begin, to develop a healthy peaceful mind.

Level 1 Overview: Calming and Clearing

When you register for A Peaceful Mind (Level 1) you will receive;

  • Eight easily understandable audio lessons, fully explaining the human mind, that can be accessed immediately and replayed anytime 
  • Accompanying lesson diagrams & worksheets to keep you on track with comprehension and development opportunities on the topics under discussion
  • FREE downloads to get you organised, keep you focused, structure your learning, monitor & reflect on your own progress
  • Numerous useful, simple, practical strategies to apply right away
  • The convenience of ‘attending’ the course in the comfort and convenience of your own home, whenever and as many times as you wish 
  • The flexibility of accessing the course anywhere via your multi-media, laptop, tablet, computer or mobile device for a year
  • The BONUS opportunity to ‘ask Carole’, where students have the opportunity to contribute questions and have access to the private lesson forums 


‘Quite simply, this course is worth every, single, penny.’ Look nowhere else. 

‘I cannot convey how useful the material is.  Everything I needed explained about the inside of the mind, why I felt overwhelmed and how to remedy all of that is on this course.’

‘This information is what everyone has been waiting for.
Carole’s refreshing style, knowledge, and new ideas are incredible
– it’s not just that no-one else would have created this course, it’s that they couldn’t have. ‘

If you want A Peaceful Mind, register & start today.

Price: £99

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