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The human mind is a truly fascinating enigma involved with all of our thoughts, memories, experiences & behaviour.  Within the interior of the psyche resides our perceptual abilities, states of consciousness, amazing creativity and incredibly powerful imagination.  In the study of Psychology we discover ‘what’ the mind does; in Psychoanalysis we explore ‘why’, in Philosophy we look for deeper meaning, and in the pursuit of Self Progression we consciously choose to integrate our experiences and learn about ourselves.   Whatever your curiosity, at Hebe College you will find a spectrum of intriguing opportunities to facilitate your understanding as you delve into the captivating world of the human mind.

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What People Are Saying

‘Carole lights the flames that refuse to be extinguished’

(MC – Philosopher)

‘I’ve been to lots of other developmental courses but I never found anything like this.  I’ve learned more in one hour with Carole than on all the other events put together- thanks so much’
(Wendy – Manager & Therapist)

 ‘Your talk was so interesting I just didn’t want it to end – your skill as a teacher/lecturer is clearly acknowledged and appreciated by your students, they have said such lovely things about you, you are worthy of every compliment paid to you’
(Beth – Mature Student)

‘At my age, I thought I knew most everything, and then Carole started talking and a whole other world opened up’
(Dorothy – Retired)

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