“You cannot educate anyone else until you have educated 

                                           yourself first, not only in Math, English and Science,
                                                           but in Thought, Emotion and Love”

Carole Sawo (2009)

Carole Sawo is a pioneering author, lecturer in psychology, psychoanalysis and transformational states of consciousness, pattern theorist and innovative speaker with a highly unique perspective on the intricacies of the psyche.

Director of Hebe Publishing Company Limited, Carole is the sole contributor/author and artist of all works and images appearing in her books and articles.  Carole’s insightful first publication, Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art (2007), is an exceptional commentary on transformational states of consciousness, that was enthusiastically acclaimed in the Scientific and Medical Network Review.  Her latest work, De-Cluttering the Mind (2013), is a refreshingly brilliant synthesis of humour, psychological practicality … and thankful relief!

                           Pandora's Panacea

Amongst many other academic accreditations, Carole Sawo currently holds awards in  ‘Psychodynamic Observation’, ‘Creating a Therapeutic Environment’; a first degree (with honours) in Psychology and a masters degree in Psychoanalysis.  In addition to her considerable academic writings, particularly in relation to child psychology and psychopathology, for which she received many distinctions, Carole is a professionally qualified teacher, well read and experienced in depth analysis and other fascinating areas of psychic phenomenon; such as perceptual awareness,  unconscious communication,  sign language and symbolism, spirituality, theology, iconography and mysticism.  Professional courses undertaken have included:- Safeguarding, Literacy, Numeracy, Inclusion, Teaching and Learning, SEN, Every Child Matters, AfL, National Strategies and Functional (core) Skills.

Previously as a Flight Manager for 17 years, having enjoyed leading teams and working/living around the world,  directly experiencing differing religions, languages, customs and societies, Carole possesses a fully authentic background of cross cultural study.  From experience gained in her practical residential work with young people, many of whom display a spectrum of learning difficulties or have experienced emotional, psychological and physical trauma, Carole utilises her incredible creative imagination to develop comprehension in others.

Carole Sawo is no ordinary teacher – she is a rare, natural educator with a genuine passion for her students’ life-long success.  From experience teaching in secondary, higher, adult and private education, and lecturing in numerous seminars, Carole draws on a wealth of advanced multi-disciplinary knowledge to support student progress.  With a notably unusual calming influence, Carole is particularly unique in her ability to create a welcoming, nurturing environment in which she delivers inspirational lessons and talks that capture the unwavering attention of her students for long periods of time.  Holding all of her students in high regard, she is equally well respected as a knowledgeable teacher who possesses a wonderful sense of humour and fascinating ability to explain even complicated theory in simple everyday terms.  Currently lecturing Forensic Psychology and Sociology/Psychology in Higher Education, in response to numerous requests from those who have sought her guidance and expressed a desire to develop their own awareness under her tuition, Carole also designs and presents her unique tutorials, seminars and courses for children and adults in her own college.

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