Welcome to Hebe College, created entirely for your curiosity by Carole Sawo.  As a pioneering author, artist, publisher, pattern theorist, public speaker and lecturer in psychology, psychoanalysis, transitional states of consciousness and self & spiritual development, Carole is unique in her ability to perceive the intricacies of the interior human mind and translate her perception into easily understandable terms.  With a wealth of personal & professional achievement and hard-earned knowledge, Carole has proven instrumental in the transformation and education of hundreds of people, who have attended her courses and seminars and sought her guidance.       

Spring Term  (April to June) 2017

Seminars:  to book
Create the Life You Want
How to Say No
Dream Analysis
Self Esteem & the Only Way to Build It!
How to Write A Book
Psychology of Self Harm

Mind Control
Animal Whispering
Forensic Psychology: On Criminal Profiling

Summer Term  (July to September) 2017

Courses:  to book
Psychological Observation ‘People-Watching’

Autumn Term  (October to December) 2017

Courses:  to book
Forensic Psychology for Beginners





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