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De-Cluttering the Mind
~ Is your head in a constant whirl?    Are you tearful, forgetful, feeling stressed and overwhelmed?   read more …
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Pandora’s Panacea
~ Holographic Works of Art, … the works ‘in progress’ pushes the boundaries of  consciousness  read more … 

’Soul’ is Carole’s latest intriguing painting that depicts the very essence of who we are.  Embodying the spindle spectrum of the soul …   visit the gallery
















Carole Sawo is a pioneering author, publisher, pattern theorist, public speaker and lecturer in psychology, psychoanalysis, transitional states of consciousness and self/spiritual development.

With an authentic  background of considerable personal achievement/professional accreditation, a unique perspective on the intricacies of the interior of the mind and excellent student testimonials, Carole Sawo has proven instrumental in the education and transformation of those who have attended her courses/seminars and sought her guidance.

Simply for the love of learning, courses and seminars explore a multitude of themes:-


Spring Term (April-June 2015)

Courses:     **All Spring Courses SOLD OUT**
.                 Forensic Psychology for Beginners
.                 Forensic Psychology II
.                 Forensic Psychology 3

Seminars:   How to Say No
                  Emotional Intelligence
                  Spirituality for Beginners
 .                The Psychology of Self Harm
                  Create the Life You Want

Summer Term (July-September 2015)

Courses:     De-Cluttering the Mind
                  Psychological Observation
                  Forensic Psychology for Beginners
.                 Introduction to Psychology.                 

Seminars:    How to Write a Book
.                  Power and Self Esteem
.                  Dream Analysis

Autumn Term (October-December 2015)

Courses:     Forensic Psychology for Beginners
.                 Forensic Psychology II
.                 Forensic Psychology III

Seminars:    How to Say No
.                  Emotional Intelligence
.                  Symbolism in Fairytales

Courses, Seminars and  Private Tutorials 
designed and presented by Carole, provide a rare opportunity to navigate the interior psyche with an experienced guide.  Developing your awareness as you explore a spectrum of psychological, philosophical and spiritual themes, you will enrich your comprehension in realms of forensic psychology, brain anatomy, conscious evolution, mechanisms of defence, emotional well-being and intelligence, psychological disorder and repair, addiction and recovery, energy dynamics, attachment, symbolism, observation, analysis, archetypes, conscious belief and spiritual experience.

Accredited GCSE and ‘A’ Level Programmes of study are available for tuition in accordance with the National Curriculum, mainstream education and Accredited Examination Boards.



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